About Us

Shoppe at The Avenue is a home and lifestyle store created by Andrea Van Groningen who is the founder and principal designer of all three branches of The Avenue. 

Andrea has had a strong passion for design since she was a young girl. She and her husband, Daniel, have loved remodeling homes that they've made their own. They also have a passion for children in the foster care system. After fostering fifteen children, they adopted six and decided it was time to build. Andrea designed and Daniel built their home specifically for the way they live. Her love of all things "home" has led her to create several home-elevating businesses. Andrea founded The Avenue Home Staging in 2014 and grew her business and team to be the leading staging company in California's central valley. From there she was repeatedly asked to help recreate the experience seen and felt in her stagings, in a private home setting. The Avenue Interiors offers homeowners an elevated yet casual design approach to enhance all of life's moments, big or small. The idea came for Shoppe at The Avenue after having developed a look specific to the casual California lifestyle seen in her home and stagings. Andrea loves supporting local and global vendors she has developed friendships with. Everything in the Shoppe has been carefully curated to reflect Andrea's simple yet elevated style. 

There's nothing better than a life well-loved and that starts at home.

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