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Antique Home Decor and Accessories Store in Fresno, CA

Shoppe at The Avenue is the home and lifestyle store in Fresno, CA that provides you with the stylish antique home décor and accessories you are looking for to furnish your home. Founder and principal designer Andrea Van Groningen has had a strong passion for design all of her life and provides the antique look and style you are looking for.

Antique Vintage Home Decor

Shoppe at The Avenue has the antique vintage home décor you desire to give your home that elegant, vintage look you have seen and admired in many stylish, older homes. This type of décor includes a wide array of mirrors, art, and other wall décor that can add that distinctive character to your home.

Antique Home Accessories

Shoppe at The Avenue has high-quality and notable antique home accessories to really embellish your home with that classic, vintage look. We have a wide variety of trays, boxes, books, baskets, and more to give you many different ways to personalize your home with that vintage look in a way that is unique and special to you.

Vintage Home Interior Items

Our collection of vintage home interior items is vast and provides many ways for you to add that distinctive and elegant vintage look to your home. We have various types of linens, barware, cookbooks, and more to add style and distinctiveness to your home.

Antique House Decorations

We have a wide assortment of antique house decorations to put the finishing touches on your home. These decorations include linens, books, pots, vessels, trays, boxes, and other decorative objects to really complete your vintage home.

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